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Did you know tea is second only to water in popularity worldwide? Tea is not only a unique beverage, but it's also versatile with an amazing list of health benefits

We only use our finest first flush handplucked tea and freshly dried herbs and flowers or natural flavouring with fresh spices to create our artisinal tea blends. Our teas are all natural and healthy, and our thoughtfully designed packaging adds the additional element of luxe. The history of our tea estate and our family’s rich heritage is a story that makes our teas great for gifting for seasonal celebrations or corporate events and as souveniers.

You can reach out to us with specific ideas or personalized gift requirements.


Create a custom blend or choose from our collection of teas to gift for your special occasion. Be it weddings, anniversaries or any celebration, our teas make for a wonderful way to include loved ones.

Seasons Greetings

Choose a festival or occasion to share love and blessings with friends and family with  a healthy, thoughtful gift. Our teas reflect the season and joy of the occasion.

Corporate Gifting

One of the best way to show appreciation and recognition of clients and employees is with an elegant and luxe gift of tea. We will be happy to incorporate logos and branding based on order size.