The lodge at wah

The Lodge at Wah started as an endeavour taken up by Deepak Prakash to build a home for his family and personal guests close to the tea factory with completely eco-friendly materials.

The cottages are worked on by skilled craftsmen from our region. The structure is made entirely of mud, with  slate roofs inspired by the ‘gaddi’ tribe homes. No paint has been used on the walls, either outside or on the inside. Cedar and pine wood from the Old demolished Palampur Courthouse echoes throughout the cottages in the roof lining details, banisters from witness stands, and even whole doors and windows. 

The Lodge at Wah prides itself on using only organic, local produce. A lot of vegetables and herbs have been grown in the kitchen garden. More get planted on the Wah estate as part of our community farming program. Seasonal homemade jams, pickles, chutneys and juices pepper our tables throughout meals. The menu is suggested based on what is fresh and in season. Indian curries and daals are prepared the traditional North-Indian and Kangra way, using earthen pots and firewood. The herbs from the garden lend flavor to Indian, Continental and Italian dishes.

Efforts were made throughout to keep The Lodge at Wah a natural, eco-friendly home. These efforts continue in our daily operations so that our guests can enjoy a wholesome experience, far off the beaten path.